Early San Mateo County Families

 SMCGS First Families

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Founding Families

  • Name (birth-death) birth place; Years in SMC; location in SMC  (submitter)
  • George CARTER (1838-1916) Brant, ONT, CAN; 1859-1916; La Honda, Woodside, Menlo Park (Edward Graham)
  • Robert INCHES (1821-  )  Balbeggie, Scotland; 1870-1895; San Pedro Ranch- Salada Beach (Cindy Balbi Oliver)
  • John LOCKER (1827-1879) Springfield, IL; 1860-1879 (Patricia Rogers Nygren)
  • Margaret LYNCH Morris (1829- 1901) Ireland; 1860-1901; Belmont (Julianne Wall Mooney)
  • Anna MATTHEWSON (1883-1904) Worcester Co., MA; 1870-1890s (Sharon Dooley Family) 
  • Reuben Eldon MORRIS (1833-abt 1890 ) Indiana;  1858-circa 1890; Belmont  (Julianne Wall Mooney) 
  • Giuseppe SILICANI (1854-1900) Palagnaro, Italy; 1870-1900; San Pedro (Pacifica) & Colma    (Cindy Balbi Oliver)
  • John WILBUR (1843-1900) Bristol, MA; 1864-1874;    Woodside & Half Moon Bay (Virginia Smith Kysh)

Early Settlers

  • John ALSFORD (1857-1905)    Hillington, England; 1887-1905    (Sharon Dooley Family)
  • Zefferino Eugenio Vincenzo BALBI (1879-unk) Roccaforte, Ligure, Italy; 1899-1931; South San Francisco    (Cindy Balbi Oliver)
  • Agostino CAVO (1845-unk) Genoa, Italy;1900-1928; Colma (Cindy Balbi Oliver)


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