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Sharing Stories 2021

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You wrote Stories!

Sharing Stories, 2021, was slow getting going. There were a few eager writers who submitted stories right away. Then there was a scary lull, during which we feared the event might fall on its face. We sent out encouraging messages to our membership and extended the deadline to November 1. Then the stories started to tumble into our inboxes. Sharing Stories, 2021, ended up with so many fascinating stories that it was truly difficult to select only six. All the stories will be available for you to read on our website after November 20, when you will hear the six winners read their stories.               


  • All entries received a small gift for participation.
  • All entries entered into the Sharing Stories virtual drawing for three $25 cash prizes
  • Special virtual drawing of stories about San Mateo County for three SMCGS tote bags.

And the stories are:

Arden Anderson: A Graveyard Secret

Millie Clough: A Different DNA Surprise

Paul Council: Vigilantes

Marjorie Daehler: One of My Favorite Relative

Judy Darland: Hannah Ellena Hilden

Judy Darland: Everett L. Hobbs

Mike Davis: The Luck of the Draw

Carole Ford: A Tale of a Simple Sewing Needle

Leslie Friedman:  From Galicia to Missouri

Esther Lucas: Look Both Ways

George Miller: Discovering the Path to Freedom

Pamela Lee Wong: skates

Pamela Lee Wong: green

Pamela Lee Wong: hammer

Sally Wood: The Great New England Hurricane of ‘38

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