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Research Services

Research services offered by SMCGS

San Mateo County Genealogical Society (SMCGS) has scanned and indexed a number of records related to San Mateo County.  Please refer to our listings on the Databases page to search for any records.

Research Services– The indexes to these records are available on our website free of charge.  SMCGS holdings include the following collections. 

  • Schellens Collection 
  • Obituaries (more than 50,000) 
  • Layng & Tinney Mortuary Files 
  • San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office Booking Registers 
  • Other research in the library in both shelved and online records may be undertaken by volunteers on a case-by-case basis. 
  • To order full copies of any of these records, please see our Online Research Request Form.

    All research must be prepaid, either online or via a paper check. If we are unable to process your request, we will refund your payment.

    Note: During the pandemic, our library is closed, so some of our research materials may not be available.  Our volunteers will continue to monitor our email account ( for your requests and will let you know whether we will be able to work on the research now or will have to wait until the library opens.  It is preferable to use email rather than US Mail because we will be checking our US Mail infrequently.

    Options for making requests

    There are two ways you can request and pay for research assistance:

    • online
    • by US mail

    Please include the following information with your request:   Your name and email address,

    the types of your requests, such as research queries, digital copies of books, and file lookups. 

    Details of your requests (sufficient information about your research query, the book and pages/sections you would like copies of, the files you would like us to look up, etc.)

    If we require further information, we will email you.

    Online -- Submit an Online Research Request Form and pay using the Wild Apricot online payment system.

    By US mail -- Mail your request, along with a check, to the following address:

         Attn: Research 
         PO Box 5569
         Redwood City, CA 94063-5569

    Be sure to include your name and email address and details about your request.  If you wish, you can print out this page and enter the information there.

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