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SMCGS General Meetings

Monthly general meetings

For a list of our current public events, please click here or on the calendar.

General meetings are held monthly except for August and December, typically on the 4th Saturday of the month. Check dates, as some meetings are moved to the 3rd or 5th Saturday.


* 10:15-10:45 am -- Coffee and chat.  Catch up on the news.  Ask questions.  Meet the speaker.
* 10:45 am - 12:15-- Announcements, followed by talks on subjects of interest to all levels of genealogists

Note: SMCGS monthly meetings currently rotate between Zoom and in-person meetings depending on the speaker.

Please see the section below for special instructions for our Zoom meetings.  Zoom meetings may start at 10AM.

For a partial list of past monthly meetings, click here.

Special instructions for Zoom meetings

Several days before the date of the meeting, a link to the Zoom meeting will be sent to SMCGS eNews subscribers (both members and non-members) and will also be posted (along with a handout, if there is one) in the Members Only section of this website.

The Zoom meetings will be open for a social mixer for half an hour before the formal meeting begins. The Zoom meetings will be run as follows:

  1. The link will open at 10:00 am so that those of you who wish to can chat with each other. 
  2.  At 10:30, the meeting will begin. There will be a few announcements before the speaker is introduced.
  3. Once the speaker is introduced you will all be muted. Please do not unmute yourself during the presentation.
  4. The speaker will answer questions at the end of the presentations. If you have a question, open the chat at the bottom of your screen. Type your question into the chat. The questions will be read aloud, and the speaker will answer.

If you have not previously downloaded the Zoom application, you may wish to do so before the meeting. If you click on the Zoom link, you will be given an opportunity to download the application.

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