Library Catalog

Access to the SMCGS Library catalog:

  Click here to access the Library Catalog.

From here you will be able to do a title, author, subject or keyword search.  After entering your search terms, click on the type of search you want.  The next screen will provide you with your results.  Note that each book listed has a blank spot at the top left-hand corner that you can check if you want that book on your final list.

Also on this screen you will see at the top there is a place to enter your name, email address and comments.  Below that is a box which says “Send Book List to Librarian for Checked Items”.  Click on this box.  In a few seconds you will see the list of your preferred items which the SMCGS Library Manager will email to you.  You can print off your book list at home and bring it with you when you visit the SMCGS Library located at Cañada College.  Remember since we are not a lending library our books must be used at our Library.